Dave Graham

I have absolutely no idea how I ended up with, or why I have this picture.

I have absolutely no idea how I ended up with, or why I have this picture.

I've been lucky enough to encounter Dave several time over the years. Numerous Irish climbers have (it's hard not to if you spent any time in Ceuse 5 or 6 years ago). You never left with a lack of new, fresh ideas. The last time (photo above) was when he had a busted ankle and was hanging out with friends at Ceuse, making the walk up to the crag on the odd day. It was also when he was starting to talk about a certain work project he was getting off the ground that has been putting out some great content ever since. Developing his own little community.


There's a great article by him on RockandIce - refreshingly honest and candid from a professional climber. Coming from the "anomaly, the only person in the entire country, basically in the entire World, that never placed well in a competition and is making a career out of climbing" (Paul Robinson in The Circuit magazine) - it's a great read over a coffee.


"Progression is an ever-evolving thought that is relative to its thinker. The art of improving as a climber is intimately connected to all I have set out to do with my life—it’s one piece of a massive puzzle. The pieces that are the climbing connect to all the other pieces and progression has as much to do with the past as it depends on the future.

When I contemplate my climbing and how to improve, I inevitably draw parallels between my childhood and my climbing career because I see now that progression is clearly relative to your individuality and ambitions, and all you are is based on what you were. "

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