Try Hard + and a little review of the FiveTen Team (Blacks)

Written in the ground at 8:47. Nice :)

Other notes? Nice to see FiveTen and Sportiva shoes crushing alongide each other and no silly marketing restrictions for the videos.

Mini Review

The micro-bubble of Ireland (we're backwards to most of the rest of the world in the popularity of many of our shoes) means it's always nice to see a pair of FiveTen Teams - as always as well and not to start a 'you suck, LaSportiva/Scarpa/etc/etc are wayyyyy better!' thread, find the best shoe that suits you, not what everyone else is buying. Over years, I've had Scarpa Instincts (terrible for me, Naomi loves them), Dragons (now my second best shoe after the Teams), Quantums (good but went all floppy too quickly) and Miuras (no sense of feeling in my big toe), tried the Solutions (same). But my own opinion doesn't really matter - any of them might suit you much better. Having said that, here's my notes on the Teams.

I got to use for the first time after ordering through GOD and using in Spain. In short, for me personally, they're the best shoe I've ever worn - easier to put on than the old blue model, more comfortable (not that the old ones were uncomfortable for me), amazing sensitivity, got balance of tension across all my toes, tough wearing too (Margalef pockets have a nasty habit of chewing up the edges of the front rubber on shoes), great heel.

The old model were notorious for being difficult to get onto your feet. They've been updated so they entrance slot is now wider and easier to get into. I didn't have to break them (in fairness I didn't have to break in the old model either). Anyone looking for guideline size, I purchase half a size larger than Anazasi's......

p.s. the rubber on top of the shoe is genuinely cheating.

Go forth and annoy your local Irish climbing shop into getting them into stock :)

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