Fantastic interview with Lynn Hill

We're in the lucky era of free interviews, easy access to well-known climbers and their perspectives. The Dirtbag Diaries has been the well known, and top-of-the-pile, outdoor podcast for quite a while now (with an Irish episode too, and what sounds like another one too) but with a spread of topics covering all outdoor sports. This left the door open for a climbing specific one and the Enormocast (iTunes link here) has stepped in to fill the void. Based out of my favourite town in the USA, Carbondale, Chris Kalous, has been pulling in more and more awesome interviews.


The latest with Lynn Hill, only one part of two has been released so far, is highly recommended from a truly awe-inspiring woman. A great worldly perspective too. Highlights being perspectives on travels, her fall(!!!) and trad. Be inspired :)

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