Having Fun

Udini has released numerous great videos (along with writing a couple of great books including one reviewed here and one available on Amazon that will now 20-odd years old is still well worth adding to the collection, coaching the German National Team, etc. etc.) - the video above is the final one in a series that has been linked to countless times by everyone, including individuals that  rarely, if ever, climb indoors (retweeting links from others below)

One thing that is evident from the video above is the sheer enjoyment from the people taking part. It also says a lot when there's numerous other people from numerous other countries.

Linking in with the enjoyment part, Vern Gambetta publishes/posts some great links daily on his account (and if you have the time, has a pile of interesting videos to trawl through). Today, he linked to a nice link on 'The Formula for Developing Elite Athletes' - it's ideas to take away for all, no matter the level.

"The survey intended to gauge what the USOC could do to improve the quality and effectiveness of programs focused on talent identification and development."


The implications are the important bits:

According to the USOC report, the top two reasons Olympic athletes gave for pursuing elite levels of performance were “intrinsic love of activity” (they liked being active) and love of the sport.
The findings indicate that Olympians were involved in an average of three sports per year until age 14, which belies the notion that early specialization is critical to long-term success. Multi-sport play appeared to be beneficial to these Olympians.


Happy Christmas all!

Neal McQuaid