The new Irish climbing e-zine + Year in Review feedback

Congrats to Danny and all the contributors, been wondering when this was going to make it's appearance!

I know I'm happy to donate to get some prints for the next edition............



Also, I did the 'Year in Review' two-pager for Mountaineering Ireland's magazine the previous two years and threw together a pile of content (with some input from others already). Anyone care to add more? There must at least a bunch of items that have been missed (some of which could be link to the above e-zine).....

It's an open link so please add as you think of something, anyone can edit. Obviously please respect other content and don't delete something you don't like. Try and add your name to end of line too if adding details so you can be credited.

Finally, good pictures, send them to me - neal [dot] mcquaid [at] gmail [dot] com - and will try put it all together.


Also, extra kudos if you add an ascent that someone else did - always interesting to me every year the two types of people who help get the info together, those who only tell me about what they did themselves, and those who will supply loads of info about other people's ascent. Don't know if it means anything!

A fitness Bands for climbing?

Do you 'train' or 'exercise'?