Mindset in the New Year


"The mind, is the boss who controls your training, but the boss is often asleep at the wheel, or he's looking at the countryside out the window. That wouldn't be so bad, but sometimes he's keeping bad company!

Training your mind, is the first step in training your body, and training your body is the first step in controling your mind. When the two things are in harmony, we can grasp very large things, and banish a few old enemies, boredom and depression, being my worst foes."

Via Steve Haston



Had to un-do a lot of learning recently from so much sport climbing over years - I'd lost the ability to jump accurately - it's not something 'normal' on a sport route where it's all about max efficiency. Had to spend a couple of weeks on the problem above just re-learning movement patterns. Having the mindset to spend the time going at this problem repeatedly considering I should be able to do it easily took some doing. Sometimes you have to go back to basics.

Myth of Talent and Reality of hard work

Irish Ice Climbing World Cup competitor