Powerful Storiess

Taken from the story linked at the bottom.....

Taken from the story linked at the bottom.....

Another year begins!


We're in an exciting time of climbing, professionalism is appearing (for better and for worse), competition climbing is developing, new climbing walls are sprouting up everywhere in Ireland (with rumours of others as well!).


On the media and promotion front, fantastic documentaries on mountaineering are coming out of Ireland (RTE Player link) too - although how it won an award at the Sundance film festival for editing is beyond me - anyone else think that was the worst part? Then there's all the amazing podcasts and videos to consume: The Island, The Enormocast (a must-listen), The Dirtbag Diaries (which has even had a couple of Irish guests), Ricky's great little videos, new climbers (who I've worked with in a coaching capacity through Awesome Walls) on their first ever trip outdoors, etc etc.


And then there's powerful stories like this one.

"Our lives are full of transformative moments, and April 26, 2012 was one of them. It was the day I took a groundfall that shattered my back, pelvis, arm and both ankles, and changed my life forever. This is my story."

Sit down, grab a coffee and read. Be humbled and inspired.

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