Climbing Competitions

With all the competitions that have been on, and are coming (deadline for the ILCC's is tomorrow.....) up, saw this and thought it was a great promotion of the 'fun' of competitions. Competitions have a bit of a reputation amongst many climbers of not being cool, interesting, not-real-climbing, etc - but having had my own perspective opened up over the years, even the National events are fantastic fun..... are you competing?

"The Competitor's Spirit" with Sierra Blair-Coyle from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

* p.s unfortunately I'm on a course for the Irish Coaching Awards (email me if you want more details) so won't be doing the ILCC's myself. After running them for a few years, I was hoping to join in as a competitor this year which wasn't meant to be. Just means I'll have no excuses for next year :)

Funky Moves

Light humour: Jellybabies climb in Ceuse