Great Climbing Training Books

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Would you like more information on each book? I'm more than happy to expand my reviews if people would be interested......

The book that introduced me to the ideas and concept of training for climbing! While some of it is a bit generalized, it is still an overall excellent book on the ideas and concepts of what needs to be worked on to improve your climbing. A definite to keep in your bookcase.

Really interesting book for the training logs and goal sheets supplied at the back of the book. The areas covering balance and technique are a bit trickier to deal with (it's not easy to imagine what they're trying to get at from an individual photo) but the addition of the DVD helps. Worthwhile scan.

Excellent book covering all the concepts of training and climbing in a very honest and concise method. Lots of text, but well worth a read. If you tell yourself you got nothing from this book, you're not being honest with yourself!

The alternative book! Taking a bit of a different approach and specifically dealing with mental attitudes and perceptions, this book aims to turn you to new ideas and concepts. I honestly thought this was a great book - it'll make you think

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