The Red 4

 Flash attempt of Flower Power, 5.13b/8a. Note to self, don't try this on third day of climbing.... Ended up unsuccessfully another clip higher. Wild climbing, 50+ degrees overhanging for 15 metres where the main action takes place. About 5.12a to the sit-down rest (where there's colouring books, crayons and magazines to keep you entertained - they've got a good sense of humor here :)

Naomi working moves on the classic route 'Tuna Town', 5.12d. Looking strong! Sustained climbing to a poor shake before a big run-out (and the crux) to the chains!

On-sight attempt of Easy Rider, 5.13a. Fell off the 2nd last hold, doh!

Taking the ride. The Red, home of big falls.

The Red 5

The Red 3 and Roctoberfest