Live stream of European Youth Cup this weekend (Irish youths competing!)

Firstly, congrats to Damo on taking over my role at Mountaineering Ireland. Exciting times in Irish climbing with the work from all the various participants of the era I started climbing in. Fun times!

On the Youth front, it's first weekend of the year for the IFSC Youth competitions taking place in Grindelwand, Switzerlenad. In a cool change reported on the IFSC official website, they're streaming the finals of the event! There's a nice trailer below.

Some may remember that Grindelwand was the major success story last year with Dominic Burns winning the event last year. With the strong field and all competitors in the older category of Youth A, here's looking forward to another great competition and experience for all the competitors :)
The Stream can be watched on or on, May 26th 8:30 am – 4:00 pm (European Times)
Male Youth A finals (the category all the Irish competitors are in) start around 11:30am Irish time (from what I can work out on this page :)

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