Are you cool or awesome?

Great picture :)

Another good section in an interview (link below) with Mina Markovic, World Cup Champion too. Just remove the word 'top' from the first sentence however, applies to all (And not just in climbing, pretty useful in business, other sports, etc too!):
Full article is in the latest, free as always, DeadPoint Magazine (all magazines available here) - or just the interview here.

Doing more and more coaching work at Awesome Walls and it's becoming more and more evident we could all do with coaching to help us progress. Some require physical coaching, some require technical, safety, mental, lifestyle coaching. Where you strongest, and where could you do with improving?

My own physical training is moving steadily. Sticking to my plans as much as I can (due to severe time limitations) but progress being made on the fingerboard (moved multiple kilos off the pulley this winter), my anaerobic fitness is up too, and seeing some gains in overall power too. Steady steady steady gains - I'm in this for the long haul! I can write a post on what I've been doing if anyone is interested...... Of course I'm following my own targets and goals, but seeing pictures like the one below (From Eva Lopez' facebook page) inspire to what is possible!
the 6mm rung on the Transgression board with added weight!


"sport climbing is neither"