IBC 2013 completed, and excellent comments/interviews on climbing competitions and the future of climbing in general.

The Irish Bouldering Championships 2013 took place yesterday at Gravity and like all the recent comps I've been involved in, it was amazing inspiration. Anyone who got to watch both the qualifiers, and especially the finals, can only be psyched/enthused/motivated/inspired for their own activities!

Just watching the ABS Nationals semi-finals (the finals haven't been released for replay yet), the USA National competition, and got to say there's some great insights on climbing competitions (a great one about grades and that for all the talk of them and the petty arguments and heated discussions at times in relation to grades at both indoor climbing walls and outdoors, when it comes to competitions no-one cares about the grades, it's only did you do them and did you see how good or quickly some of the best climbers there got them), the future of climbing (some excellent comments from Dave Graham). Well worth a watch if you're motivated to evolve with the climbing scene as it changes and adapts. Great comments/interviews and I know I'm excited/motivated to continue to be part of them in the future.

Exciting times!

"sport climbing is neither"

Injury rates in climbing? Anyone know where are the real stats?