The growing climbing scene - and a bunch of videos

Firstly, I only found out that the full DeadPointMag is a free download as a pdf - how neat is that! A full climbing magazine with good/decent articles. Feel like I should subscribe now, just to support the group doing this (especially considering it's only $24 per year, including free access to their private videos!).

Other than that, saw this great post up yesterday about the increasing numbers of climbers in the States, especially who now have the lucky options to be introduced through easier means such as climbing walls (i.e. much easier to head to the local wall after work, over heading off for a day at the weekend - even if the latter option isn't that much more difficult!). The articlethe climbing industry is growing, let’s understand what that means, is in an interesting perspective into what is potentially going to be become more and more common for us here in Ireland (which is a good thing in my own opinion!). Last week, while the roles were reversed in Glendalough with Dave F making the trip up to the crag while I trundled around the boulders, it was evident that the numbers of climbers outdoors are going to be bigger and bigger - first weekend of September and there was 20-odd people out. What's going to happen when the conditions get good?

Still though, the important and really positive (reflecting my own thoughts) part of the article was hidden down the end in the last two paragraphs:

For newcomers, more experienced climbers can act as mentors. It is my belief that when it comes to “outside climbing” behavior, climbing gym employees, climbing team coaches, and “the old timers” could be the most influential group in the industry.Last but not least is us, the people that have been involved in climbing for a while, the people that are out there traveling and the loyal weekend warriors, even if you don’t go to any climbing gym.

If you see the opportunity and have the energy, help educate or at least lead by example. The problems are many, and the impact is present in many different ways as well. Lets help out to keep our resources clean and the experience of climbing true and challenging for years to come."


Other highlights, great video I found on Youtube below with an interview with three of the top Spanish competition climbers (although all of them have performed ridiculously well outdoors also) a few years ago - the most important piece for me was the level of support and teamwork between them, they all seemed very open about the fact that they wouldn't be where they are now. They may be top-end, but it's a good reminder for me/all that you won't progress on your own - even in the personal sport of climbing, motivating as a group is the way to go.

What else? The competitions are kicking off in Ireland and I have a new-found respect for them. Still not anywhere near my main motivation but I can see the fun and laughs that are had at them more and more. I'm fairly certain I've only ever attended them purely just for an excuse to meet up with a bunch of other climbers and a chat! Still one of the most amazing moves I've seen in a comp from Daniel Woods below, really must set this at a competition this year :)

What else? Watching Adam Ondra being made to look very weak in comparison to the super-strong Ramon Julian Puigblanque at the Arco 2012 event last weekend. Full highlights of all events here on Youtube. I'm sure it's just a case of Ramon working through performance section of his training - the World Championships are on in two weeks time - and Ondra in a rest period (maybe before the World Championships too?), but still interesting seeing the differences in style. What will happen when someone comes along with Ramon's strength, and Ondra's technique and mental determination (other than the everlast Chris Sharma that is)?



Finally, speaking of the World Championships, creative new advert for this year's event (live on September 12th-16th. Not your usual promotion video for climbing!

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