Climb Like Chris Sharma: Limits and Fears from Rock & Ice on Vimeo.
Chris Sharma shares his strategy and techniques that have made him one of the best climbers in the world.
Part 1: (Chris Sharma shares his strategy and techniques that have made him one of the best climbers in the world)

And on the same topic - a cool article about how "Geniuses are Made, not Born"**
What has become evident is that none of our traits come prepackaged at birth. Baby M.J. didn't pop out doing a windmill dunk. All traits are developed -- no exceptions. This does not mean, however, that people don't differ in the rate at which certain abilities are developed. The precocious feats of prodigies and prodigious savants show loud and clear what one can achieve when you have what Martha J. Morelock refers to as a "rage to learn". Prodigies appear to be the ones pushing their parents; not the other way around.

You want to keep improving at your climbing? Keep making small continuous improvements, show a willingness to learn, and keep having fun!

** Of course, to get to the absolute top-end, there is some genetics involved and a full article can be here with details on this, but the idea that people can achieve higher dreams than they think purely just by showing a willingness to learn is a great thought !
"Although the specific details are currently unknown, the current scientific literature clearly indicates that both nurture and nature are involved in determining elite athletic performance. In conclusion, elite sporting performance is the result of the interaction between genetic and training factors, with the result that both talent identification and management systems to facilitate optimal training are crucial to sporting success."

I'm taking a new approach to learning about climbing right now - suppose you could say it's alternative but maybe not. Update in a couple of months with proper details if anything successful comes from the experiment!

Did I mention we got to watch a acrobat rope show while in Ceuse? Made for some great photos......

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