Competitive(ion) climbing

New release for the new Reel Rock Tour. Don't know if I was happy or sad to see the emphasis on the competitiveness between the two participants.

I'm all for competition climbing (especially after watching the event in Briancon this year - video highlights from Black Diamond here) but not sure it really has a place in the outdoor scene? I know for me, climbing is as personal as it gets, I've been motivated by others around me to complete a route/boulder, but I don't think it's ever been competitive in the sense I want to do it first or 'beat' them at the problem.

I'm almost disappointed with BigUpproductions for even attempting to highlight this, although I'm guessing it's for the non-climbing least Sharma seems to try and tone it down.....Having said that, the footage looks amazing and makes me want to go back to Oliana (to actually climb this time) even more!

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