Rock Shoes

Can you tell what companies rock shoes I wear? :)
"Over the years I developed many climbing shoe models, changing the basic way of thinking from “how to make your feet work with climbing shoes” to “how to make climbing shoes work with your feet”.

Nice article with Scarpa Rock Shoe Designer Heinz Mariacher (I believe of ex-La Sportiva fame, and designer of most of their current shoes also?). Ties nicely into Trish's recent post about rockshoes.

Of the shoes in the photo above, the worst are the Hornet's (top-left) - there's no support in the soles whatsoever so standing on small edges puts all the load into the toes/ankles which I doubt is a good thing. Granted, those shoes are ultra-performance shoes, not designed for day-to-day use from my experience - very specific use cases. Of the others above, the Teams were the worst to take on and off, however were almost the comfiest once there were on - perhaps a lesson to be learned there in shoe design too.

What's your favorite shoe? Or do most people even care, just buy the cheapest model they can buy? Or is just buy whatever they can get at their local shop or climbing wall?

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