A perception changer

Too busy with work to ever finish a post right now (but I've started a ton.....). they all tie into this post I just put on Facebook (about an article on DeadPointMag) though, personal progression:

welcome to the international world of climbing. this all happened last year! And of all the names on the list, I'd guess half of them work full time jobs.....very inspiring! Think about it, they're all normal people just pushing limits.

Best paragraph of motivation I've seen in ages, for people of all grades:
"Personal progression in climbing could be distilled to two tightly-connected elements; first, the amount of work you put in, whether through time spent on the wall or in the gym or through some combination of the two. Second, though, is the perceived potential of return from every second spent climbing/training – how much better you think you can even get. No amount of training can overcome the crippling belief that you cannot possibly climb harder than a certain grade. But where does that perceived limit come from? As more and more climbers show us more and more often that what we once perceived as impossible simply isn’t that hard, that limit disappears. So yes, 2011 was impressive because of all the cool things that happened. But in a bigger sense, what happened last year ushered in a new standard in climbers worldwide. The athletes below didn’t just do well on hard routes. The athletes below demolished hard routes, countless numbers of them, and made us all wonder why we aren’t doing the same."

Take whatever perception you have of climbing and throw it out the window! The one thing missing there - they're all doing it from psyching each other, not getting complacent of local ethics/ideas (but still respecting ethics/ideas in relation to taking care of the rock, etc), and motivating each other. Who's in? :) Personally I think you can only go so far without support of others!
Thanks Claire for pointing this out!

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