Ticking routes - get creative with positioning

An obvious one but get the comfiest position you can find when stopping to relax, recover and shake out, or even clipping. Above the tricky clip on Tidal Wave, the classic route in Thailand, is only easily possible with your feet wrapped around the tufa blob....

Make sure arms are straight when relaxing, clipping a bolt or placing gear. Locking off the arm is a highly inefficient (the bicep being one of the most inefficient muscles in the body) so relax, straighten out the arm (even on steep terrain) and get creative!

Or below, don't forget to look behind!
Common on a lot of European and Asian limestone, random sticks of tufa dripping behind you - don't forget to check they're not about to snap off....

p.s. every time I go looking back for pictures, I realize I miss traveling to new crags and trying new routes! :)

A perception changer

Ticking harder routes - "letting go"