Turn off the sound before watching the videos, and enjoy the 2nd one!

In comparison to this (which I find hard to watch with the sound on), I came across this wonderful documentary on Christian Core, the first person to climb this problem (Gioia, the first V16/8c+ problem by all accounts after Adam Ondra, above, repeated it for the first time a couple of days ago).

Possibly one of the best interviews with a professional climber and I love his comments on climbing and traveling - makes me want to go on another trip! With some proper training beforehand first ;)

Thoughts? Do you want to travel to see different areas, or is climbing that you love just in your local area/country?

Personally, I could quote from the documentary - climbing was a fantastic means to go traveling. Something that I could use to see new locations, climb on amazing other rock, etc. Grades and performance were only a part of the experience, something that could develop through the years. Thoughts? Or is this too deep a question for the middle of the week :)

Update: I just posted this on Facebook about the Ondra video: "It's strange - I find Ondra's screaming very hard work to listen to - he's just not an enjoyable climber to watch in comparison to many others (although that 8c/8c+? onsight earlier in the year is stunning), but completely admire the full-on determination he brings to getting up routes/problems. Think I could learn something from him.....
As a quote on Twitter said this week: ""Ambition can outstrip ability with effortless ease." He may not look the strongest climber, but he sure can pull like one!

Comparison of movies....

Review: 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes, by Dave MacLeod