You know what describes the health of the Irish climbing scene is when....'s only a week (give or take) until the new bouldering wall opens hear stories of a person traveling up from Athlone to the Archway Co-Op to climb twice a week (hint: someone open a wall in Athlone!).
...there's a new coaching company in town (with some very experienced names behind it). So maybe myself and Nige were a bit early with our idea :) of the Co-operatives is making up a slick little promo video like this:

Co op / Rathmines from Trish Fox on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Trish, nice one :)

Anyone noticed also that the book to read is available now: Johnny Dawes "Full of Myself" - let me know if you've read it already....

is this a possible future to competitions?

Winter motivation - a podcast and a book.