What skin cream have you tried?

Many will have come across various methods for recovery of skin. The most public and well known is, of  course, the Climb On Intensive Skin Care Bar. Personally, I find it great if you know you've a couple of days off, but in frequent usage (i.e. daily/hourly!), it's oily and it only creates a fake layer on top which disintegrates pretty quick if you start climbing on it too soon.

Other more obscure options are Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream - go figure, people rave about this stuff!

Two summers ago, I spent a bunch of time climbing with Nathan Hoette and Heather. Nathan would be described as a 'wad' in the UK - i.e stupidly strong and good, like 8c/8c+ good. So when they both mentioned the name 'blastoestimulina' I took note. I only managed to get my hands on a tube of this stuff in Spain a few weeks ago (you have to ask for it, it's not on display). And I got the perfect opportunity to try it on Friday. I tore a complete pad off on Thursday evening while fighting through the 4x4's - this is normally an oh-well-no-climbing-for-neal-for-three-or-four-days job. Except I threw it on before bed last night twice, and woke up to find the pad almost healed about 50/60%. It still needs another day of growth, but I can say that this cream seems to work on my skin perfectly. Thanks Nathan and Heather!

Does anyone know anything else better for skin repair? Don't climb? ;)

Update 2nd December: Nige highly recommendAntihydral and I've just had an email from a very well known American climber to say that it works as well as the people say. Most importantly though:
"You still have to take good care of your skin. Filing/sanding/lotion/taping."

Update 2: You'll also see the post below mentioning 'cycatril' that is sold in France....

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