Winter motivation - a podcast and a book.

For anyone looking for something to listen to over the winter months, looking for some direction in their own climbing improvements, a nice place to start is with the writer of the intro book to climbing training, Eric Horst. He produces a podcast for Podclimber, you'll find it here (note: it's an iTunes link for all you non-iTunes users :)

Also, if anyone is looking for a book to peruse, Eric Horst's "Training for Climbing 2nd Edition"(Amazon link)* is a good place to start. There's a lot of books out there. Some are ridiculously technical (but perfect if that's what you're looking for), some are just lots of text with good ideas (again, good if you know what you're doing), but for all the comments against this book, it's an excellent resource to start out with. Basic movement skills, basic-to-intermediate fingerboarding information, basic stretching, a great introduction to goal planning, it has a some of everything. If you're interested in a read, it's worth checking out. I've slowly been collecting all books I've in my library also onto a page linking directly from Amazon - see here.

*this blog is obviously free, but I do get a small (tiny!) cut for sending you onto Amazon if you use the link above. You don't get charged anything extra, so there's no reason not to :) Think of it as a small donation towards all the wifi bills that have been racked up while writing posts in random parts of the world in the days when you had to pay for wifi!

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