New role

This is going to be a once-off as this is my personal writing, thoughts, opinion blog so not usually related to work. But since I've had a spike in traffic in relation to it, I thought it was worth mentioning.

As of the weekend, I'm officially the Talent Development Officer for Mountaineering Ireland. For anyone who knew her, I'm replacing Ang in many respects. While they aren't physically the biggest boots to fill (I jest here, and can say this as I know Ang so well) they are huge boots as regards the amount of work (both visible and behind the scenes) she did for climbing in Ireland in her role. Of course, she's gone off to other roles now where she's making another enormous input to the development of Irish climbing but that's her story to tell.

All I can say is that it's an exciting time in Ireland so I'm privileged to be involved and very psyched for getting stuck into supporting the scene through Mountaineering Ireland. I may have been traveling extensively in the past few years, but all my climbing was started and honed in Ireland - the photo above from a few weeks ago being the earliest known example I have (although if someone wants to make us all laugh, send me on an even older pic and I promise to post it :). I'm now full circle and looking forward to giving back to a sport that has given me so much over the years (and will continue to give me so much into the future)! So, on that note, if you've thoughts on climbing and the future direction of the scene in Ireland, make sure to contact me through all the various means (this blog you're reading, mobile (again, if you know it), my personal email (for those who know it), my work email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter - either of them, skype - neal.mcquaid, or even better face to face somewhere at a crag!**).

Now on that note, back to the usual waffle........ :)

**and in case the above communication list in ridiculous, in a previous life, I worked in IT and had a fascination with technology and mobile trends that still exists to this day!

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