Adam Ondra takes onsighting into the next realm

I can't even begin to understand the level of this........and there'll be a write-up on the CWIF later!

Adam Ondra takes onsighting into the next realm: "thumb

Adam Ondra has done it again. Yet again he manages to stunn the climbing world. It would seem the one month break from climbing a couple of months back didn't make him weaker...
In two days at Etxauri, he onsighted two 8c+'s, one 8c and one 8b+. The 8c+'s were Kidetasunaren balio erantsia and Bizi euskaraz, which previously has been done in the same style by Patxi Usobiaga. According to witnesses he didn't even take his shoes off between the onsights of Fuck the police,8c, and Tekken,..."

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