The amphitheatre at Monstant - climber is on Hidrofobia (8a), L'Mens goes up to the left of this.

Since Dave mentioned it too, I should acknowledge that I will be in Siurana for a week. Training went amazingly well for about 2-3 weeks before it, and then died in the past two. Blame work! But such is life (good timing with Dave MacLeod's blog for that matter :), and I'm keen to get out and play on some routes again anyway, it's been months since I was on real routes so it's all good.

If I get a day up at Monstant I'll jump back on the 8b+, L'Mens, again to see how it feels. Who knows, I'm strong enough for it now (I did the moves on it a few years ago anyway) but might be lacking regular sports climbing fitness now for an epic such as this. If not, there's always the route in the photo above to have a go at (again if time and the stars align).

I always struggle a bit to get my head fully into gear after being off 'real' rock for so long. I'm well capable of ticking the routes, but have learned from experience that getting my belief system to the point of doing it can't just be switched on for me. One of the nice parts is recognizing the little things that trip you up at peformance and finding ways to override it. What do you find affects you when going for harder routes? Don't feel strong enough? fit enough? psychological belief about your capability?

Of course, it'll be a week in beautiful Siurana anyway, one of my favourite areas anyway, so it'll all be good!
Happy climbing all :)

mmmm.....Siurana.....and my first swearing at a route in a long time!

looks like the climbing scene is waking up!