Following on from the post yesterday, I've been putting the head down to thought on this, trying to explain what it is that was bugging me. And while at the Works this evening, campusing and laps, I realised what it is - purpose! I've been idling along with work recently, working hard, but sport just hasn't had a focus.

But today, I turned up with a plan, all focused on what I'm thinking about for next Spring/Autumn/Winter. And I gave it everything (partly because of a certain email I got last night - you know who you are for that psyche!), I mean everything. to the point that pressing the knife last night to cut the food on my plate was difficult. I hurt. And I remembered. Remembered that this is what I love. Not as much as the lifestyle of climbing (i.e. living out of a car, road-tripping, etc.) but I do love working myself to my limit. So now I have purpose, I remember what will drive me through the winter. Yes, I'll enjoy December for all the fun, socialising, family gatherings, meeting friends, but I am really warming up. And it feels good! What is your motivation for next year - are you following through on it?!


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