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Taken in September 2000? on the Argentiere glacier on a film camera (?!?!) of friends. Currently residing on Wikipedia page for Argentiere
Jeebus, I've been climbing just over 12 years and only 30 - that means I've been 40% of my lifetime!

And this sport/hobby/lifestyle (It is a sport, but means a lot more to many people, the previous list is in no particular order of description) has given me so much:

  • amazing people that I'll be friends for life with, many of whom are from countries worldwide (I've just been emailing people living in several countries worldwide)
  • a brilliant excuse to travel and see the world. When I travel for climbing (especially outside of Europe), it's as much to see the world and it's cultures and different perspectives on life, as it is for the climbing.
  • something to do and be consistently there week-in, week out.
  • something that I can enjoy just as much when I'm out having a laugh, as much as when I'm busting my muscles to the point of failure.

The best part? It's not dimming. I'm still as keen to keep climbing, push myself at times, travel and see new locations, and keep meeting amazing new people. Long may it last!

what does climbing bring to you?

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