I am stuck in but linked to (I am OUT).

From Joe Kinder's blog (if you want to see how a professional climber can do his utmost to promote a sport in a positive and enthusiastic way, you'd be hard pressed to find one more honest and genuine than this one) and his related post - I am OUT.

Anyway, since I'm here knocking off tasks that are easy to do when you've time but take an eternity when working, due to being off work due to snow (feels like I'm actually living in the movie, The Day after Tomorrow :), I was catching up on a bunch of articles on climbing, IT and education (probably in that order of priority too.......) - I was blown away by this picture of someone's home bouldering wall. Yes, there's loads of these around now (many Co-Op style), but was wondering how I can get to the point that I have the room for something like this myself........hmmmmmm :)

It's also interesting reading Joe's blog, talking about the fact that he's going crazy in Utah right now, basically that it's snowboarding weather and everything is frozen. I can relate - I honestly struggle for any motivation at this time of year in these conditions. It's weird though, if I was in the Alps (or even Utah for that matter) at this time of year, anyone who knows me would be know that I'd be the first person on the slopes in the morning and the last person off too with a snowboard - what is it about here that I don't get into it? Working through all the daylight hours is definitely a factor (drive to work in darkness, leave in darkness), but what else? Anyone else suffer from similar ideas?

I think I suffer from a mindset issue - I have to work here while in the UK so it takes up much of my thoughts, but when abroad in other countries (even if working), I don't see work as the number one thing to consume my day, it's just something else to do. Does that make sense or have I lost it? :) Basically, I'm trying to work out how I can change my mindset........