So I'm back into the regular routine of work/life again and the truth of the winter ahead is slowly starting to dawn on me as it dumps rain outside the window right now.

I'm also back into that routine now of indoor climbing, pulling on plastic, something I go through mixed feelings for. Somedays, it's "give me real rock any day, it all feels fake" and others it's "brilliant! sport! exercise! fun!" - in other words I'm not thinking about the fact that it's not natural rock, but just fun climbing that I still love after 12 years in the sport.

One of the more challenging things that most people deal with while doing their respective sport is those good and bad days. You can have a run of them where no matter what you seem to be doing, you're feeling weak, sluggish, unmotivated. Bar the latter issue, the others you just have to deal with. I've had one of those days yesterday: I was wrecked from a long week at work, I'd already had a couple of training sessions this week and mentally I just wasn't there - I wanted it to be the weekend but it was only Thursday evening :)

But as I saw on this blog post from Chris Brogan which he was using to refer to writing a blog post daily. He referenced in the middle of his post;
"My friend, Laura in Altanta, contacts me once every week or two to let me know she’s pushed past another personal record in her running. She also tells me when she’s had a bad series of runs in a row. It’s all part of it."
It was a really good reminder that you just have to roll with the off-days, that the total sum of those training days (good and bad) raises your level in the long run to something bigger and better. I regularly seem to hear stories of people talking about not getting improvements, and just bailing on the task at hand. But the point is to stick it out - try something different to stimulate the training, but just do something. In reality, you don't really want to perform at the climbing wall anyway, it's on the 'real' days you want to do so, so why worry about whether you're performing all the time?! Anyway, just some random thoughts as always....good, bad, interesting? let me know as always :)

And have a good weekend as always!

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