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[Updated 11:40 22/10/10 with some additional links that I seem to have removed in error. Also an additional comment near top about Tipping Points]

Since I'm going to be away in Fontainebleau for this week, I thought I'd use it as a time to post up the stats from the blog. I've never really done it before but thought it would be of amusement to some's also quite boring so feel free to skip over and I'll post more useful stories/photos next week when I'm back!

Note that this isn't a look-at-my-blog-and-it's-readers exercise for me, but just to show how amazing new facilities like blogging can be for reaching out to people and keeping a conversation going. Do you run a blog? if so, let me know so I can subscribe to it to :)

I will point out that the one thing I wish for more was comments from readers but I know from looking at other sites and reading about it that most people only consume without interacting which is a pity......if it helps, I've now allowed anonymous commenting on this blog but they still have to be verified by me that they're suitable to appear....

But here's an opportunity also to ask what you all think of the posts - is there anything you'd like to actually hear of, or learn about? Trip locations? Training plans/ideas? General thoughts?

I'll clarify as well just in case some people get freaked out that I'm somehow tracking them, this is only the non-name-specific info that can be told about a visitor using the built-in stats-monitor in Blogger, and Google Analytics, which gives slightly more information.

This year has also been the Tipping Point of the number of readers of online blogs and sites from Europe. For many years, I had more people reading and commenting from the States than anywhere else - a sign that they were much more involved online than Ireland or the UK originally. It's truly fantastic though as it's great to see that this has become an extension of discussions I have.... As you'll see from the stats below, that is starting to even out........

Location of Readers!!!!
Firstly, I'll start off with the location of all you fantastic readers as I love this!

Stats below are from when Blogger turned on stats in May 2010 so it covers 5-6 months.....

Ireland 1,454
United States 1,258
United Kingdom 1,000
France 174
Netherlands 153
Australia 91
Spain 84
Canada 77
Italy 76
Germany 69

How people find new posts or hear about the site
Basically, there's anywhere between 110 and 130 subscribers to the blog by email or using something like Google Reader. On top of that, the 2nd single biggest source of readers is via Facebook (although this is becoming the number one method for people to find posts). These are direct links (i.e. people see a link appear in their inbox or Facebook account and decide to click on it - it only counts people who actually go to the site). Other means are through Twitter and my non-work account there.
Other methods are through referring sites, for example Paul's and Dave's via their 'blog list' on the side which shows some blogs that they read - I have the same on the left of  my own blog..... Sorry Paul, but had to remove you from the list due to some not-so-safe language for children and the fact that this can be seen by my pupils :)

Number of Readers per Month
The biggest month for readers recently was about in April this year with about 2,300-2,700 page reads (Depending on where I look, I get slightly different info) in a month due to a post being picked up by a few people and posted to
In the past month, individual blog posts (so could have been one person, but reads a few different blog posts) have been read about 1,400 times (this varies on a monthly basis depending on how much I write), and the blog has been visited (again, in the past month) by 580-odd different people.
Interestingly, there's been a huge spike since last week around the National Lead Comp, with about 100-140 reads per day!?

This year, the most popular post has been the one on the home climbing wall I had in my last house. Strong performers over the years always seem to be reviews - Team Five Tens and my snowboard amazingly still gets tons of reads.

The search term I love to see appearing is for "Fatal Deviation" but most search terms that bring people to the blog are for my name, or some of the terms like 'Five Ten Teams', etc.  :)

Technical Info (browsers, computers, etc.)
More technical info (covering the life of this blog while I've had analyzing tools on it 2007-ish) which I find interesting from a work/techie point of view:
Firefox is in the lead with 44%
Internet Explorer is 2nd with 34%
Safari comes in with 12% and Chrome with 6%

More recently (i.e. 2010), it's a close tie between Internet Explorer and Firefox but Google Chrome is gaining (about 25% now - Internet Explorer is the loser thankfully.) . I'm also seeing a few people using Flipboard so I'll just say it now that I'm jealous that you own an iPad to do so :) There's always a few using Linux, and then a tiny amount of people using either Blackberries, a Wii(?!?!), some PS3's, Nokia's (including what looks like an N800.....) and Opera's browser.

Operating Systems: Windows holds the overall percentage with 76% and Apple desktops taking 20% and iphones taking 3% on their own. More recently, the iPhone is holding solid, but Apple's now hold about 27% of that share. smart people out there.....

Most people seem to be using about 20 inch screens guessing from the resolutions, but there's been a spike in the number of people now using HD monitors, a tipping point seems to be close to occurring.....

Thankfully as well, only 0.7% of you still log on with dial-up...... I sympathise with you!!!!!

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