Two Tier, the Embankment and a pile of.....

Unknown climber climbing ?Quality Control? (7a I think) on Two Tier Buttress, Cheedale

.....Choss! Another fun weekend spent around the Peak District limestone. We had our first experience of Two Tier (another sector in Cheedale) on Saturday and got the tour from Dave and Frazer. A few fun routes there, although admittedly I was really noticing the length (or lack of it) on that day. Granted one of the routes I was on was only about 8 meters in height (with 4 bolts!) so it was more like bouldering on a rope than big Euro-routes :)

Sunday involved a trip to an obscure little valley called Deepdale. The name should have given it away! Granted it was a gorgeous location in another very secluded valley (much like Yew Cogar during the week), but the rock was shockingly bad crumbling crap. I went bolt to bolt up a 6b+, worried about sending a block down on top of Naomi and the others. Obviously we bailed and ran back to Cheedale, this time to another of the sectors, The Embankment. Stiff grades are the order of the day here reputedly and it lived up the reputation on the few we had a go on.

Dave on the ultra-short and fingery Blockhead (7b+), Two Tier, Cheedale. Managed to bag a flash of this after watching Dave give a good fight on his redpoint attempts.

As it happened I was having a bit of an off day also - sore and achey body, not even just arms. I'm conscious of the fact that the bouldering season is kicking off in a few weeks properly once the temps drop a bit so am keen to get some extra power and strength back in the arms. This means some pretty hard sessions at the Works and on the board back home so I was feeling the effects of it this weekend. It's a little bit frustrating sometimes when this happens as you want to be going hard at each weekend, but for the greater good and for improvements in the coming weeks, I have to let my body suffer a little bit to stimulate it to new levels. This will all pay off in a few weeks :)

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