Putting the head down

And so work enters the fray of items/objects fighting for my time everyday once again! But like always, I look on this as both a positive and a negative. One of the great things that comes about from traveling is the sheer amount of freedom that comes about from basically having only a few things to do in a day - for me: get up, eat, read, eat more, climb lots, eat, chill out, sleep, repeat. It's simple and wonderfully flexible for a lot of reasons - time to think, discuss, appreciate life in general, discuss lots of things with good friends that you just don't have time for while in the Real World.
but then of course, there's always a difficulty that you could be using some of the time slightly more productively - it gets very comfortable when the odd day breakfast rolls into lunch, etc......  :)

Working a job really brings about that - you really do have to focus so much on being organised with your time to get anything done other than working, and then just relaxing for the evening.
I'm getting back into this groove now after a week back. The initial tiredness is almost gone (almost!) and this weeks focus is just getting a good routine going. Getting to the wall a few times a week, some runs, core work, meeting up with friends. And of course, the one thing that always gets pushed back is the amount of sleep. On holidays, you can easily knock out 9-10 hours a night and still have tons of time to be active all day. If anything, I wonder if that's part of the fact that you start to feel so good so quickly when living this lifestyle - you have time to properly recover. But when working, you're always fighting against time - I'm usually lucky to get 7 hours most nights if I do everything I want to do in a day.

What I do remember though is that the time when I went to doing a grade eight sports route in about 5 goes was the time when I was really watching the amount of sleep and being very focused with my climbing. I also remember that it meant that I ended up having more time for everything because there was less dossing around. So, I'm back onto something like that - really focused regular sessions of activity. Who knows this time if it'll make a difference or not but I'll only find that out in a few months. What I do know is missing right now is a project/goal - something to give me reasons to improve. Something to think about this week!
What's your focus for the winter?

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