Irish Lead Climbing Championships

And so another lead climbing championships comes around (October 16th)! (Side note, if it's a championships, does that mean there's more, or will be more?).

Here's the official email that was sent out, and the link to the official page on
The National Lead Climbing Championship will take place again this year in Dingle, on Play-at-Height's competition wall.
We are hoping that the event will be even bigger than last year's and that the high standards of competition we saw at last year's event will be repeated...
The event will involve 2 qualifying routes, which are demonstrated. The final routes, attempted only by the top competitors in each category, are climbed on-sight. There will be plenty of chances for those who don't make the final to have another go at the routes they missed!

I'm a big believer in supporting this sort of event even if I'm not a great competitive climber (or indoor climber for that matter!) - I had hoped to make it last year but the the location is a little tricky to get to from the UK! Still though, a quick flight into Shannon for the weekend will allow me to attend this year and show my support.
Will you be there?

See the photo below? This was taken at the Climbing Works yesterday evening on a normal Tuesday evening and only shows a tiny area of the wall. No, there wasn't a competition on, but the sheer number of people make it such a fantastic buzz at the wall. Sure, it's a little trickier to get on the wall, but the motivation that comes from a group of people easily offsets it. Actual 'real' 'outdoor' rock may be the king of options for climbing, but there is definitely a place for indoor facilities - the popularity of climbing here in Sheffield is continuously amazing me.

Competition wall at the Climbing Works

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