The Adventure Life

Interestingly, I didn't even know this was an event, but since the award ceremony took place in Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday I thought it was worth a mention. Another amazing Red Bull sponsored event, for adventure photography this time.

The above image won the award, and more details can be found here.

The photo gallery of the candidates can be found here - trust me it's worth flicking through! They pretty much illuminate the whole range of sports and excuses there is to go and explore our amazing planet! I'm especially inspired by the one of the person high diving into a Venice canal?!?! Let me know which is your favourite.

As for my own adventures, was up at another new crag (for me at least) yesterday - Yew Cogar. Most of ye won't have heard of it, but suffice to say it's near Kilsney which the Irish and UK people will have! It was also my first view of Kilnsey - woah, it looks amazing!!!!

Best to click on the image to go full-screen for this panoramic of Dave Johnson on one of the fantastic 7b's of the crag.
As for Yew Cogar, it's a small (100 meters in width) crag situated in the bottom of this gorgeous valley completely away from, well basically everything. One of those amazing places you'd never even consider going, or seeing, except for this crag being down there. As one of the guys described it, you could have brought a book and had a nap and it still would have been a brilliant day there.
For the climbing? super-rough limestone (a change for the UK!) as it seems to be wet most of the year - keeps the amount of traffic down. It's got some cool tufas (you read that right), and all the routes are short and powerful (nothing new there :) - about 15 meters in height.
A nice day in the end - the 6b+, 7a, 7b and 7b+ were ticked off by the gang.

We finished off with a short trip to Kilsney (we were driving underneath it so couldn't really not stop!!) so had the experience of doing the easiest route on the crag. Wow, what a difference as it was ridiculously polished! Still though, it was a good teaser to the type of climbing. I'm just wishing it wasn't a two hour drive from Sheffield.....

Go have an adventure :)

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