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Roof Warrior (8a) at Cheedale Cornice at the weekend

I am so frickin psyched right now! A great time at Chee Dale last weekend followed by a couple of days at the Climbing Works last week has continued to give good energy going. I've had a couple of days in at the Works since getting back and I just keep thinking when I'm there......When will someone build a facility like this in Ireland (and elsewhere)?!?!?!?

In the meantime, I'm getting my ass kicked at the Works which is awesome - it can only get better so it's all good :) I had a great day at Cheedale Cornice yesterday, flashing a 7c (my second onsight or flash at this level so hopefully that's the second domino to fall and set them all off - hence the post title :) and working a super-techy 8a+. The latter route won't go easily but it's pretty eye-opening to the sheet lack of holds on the route. All in all, I'm super happy, I've always been uncomfortable on the shorter more intense routes so to flash one easily yesterday is another nice little benchmark on the climbing journey. Roll on more fun and games :)

I've been super impressed by the level of keeness here at the Works. I was in here on Saturday evening from 8-10pm and was blown away by the number of people in there. I expected everyone to be at the pub! Still though, it shows an attitude to climbing that is really inspiring - it's people of every level so I'm watching and learning continuously, there's everyone from the person with the most amazing footwork, to the best balance, to the freakishly powerful to the ones that don't seem to even realize that they actually have feet. I'll be picking their skills apart over the winter and taking the good bits for myself.
Huge positive is finding an 8c route on the traverse wall, I now have a goal for the winter to get my level up to this - it can only translate to proper rock as well. Game on!

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