Ceuse - the general scene

I'll write this up in more detail when I've had time to reflect away from the bubble of Ceuse, but a quick reflection for now on the climbers of Ceuse.

One of the big things I love watching is all the different styles of climbers at a crag and Ceuse is pretty exceptional for it due the sheer number of people across the grade range. Think of it like watching football/soccer players (translate for whatever country you live in :), you can see the differences between the truly skilled, the ultra-fit, the efficient, the throw-yourself-into-every-tackle-no-matter-what-the-cost types of players.
Climbing is the exact same and it's a huge benefit to watch others for ideas to help yourself improve. I'm naturally a very technical climber, good on strong holds, quiet.
Here I get to watch all the styles - at the 'normal' levels (i.e anyone who isn't up to sponsored level), you can see those and learn from what they're strengths and weaknesses are. Many people are definitely being held back by the fear over the run-outs between the bolts - you'll see them pull down on the most ridiculously small holds and yet won't go more than a foot above a bolt without panicing. Read MacLeod's book and his section on falling (there's other books who discuss it also, but his is pretty good and honest about what is required).
Then there's the others who scream their way up routes and arrive at the chains. This year's bouldering World Cup champion is exactly that. It's pretty crazy to watch, not particularly strong looking but seems to be able to use pure willpower to get up a route. I need more of this, Bourinator in many ways was a drag for this reason as I just wouldn't get angry with the route. It's something I need to spend some time on.
There's also the opposite of course, the silent destroyer. Not a word, perfect movement and pace, and looks outrageously efficient at climbing. They're my benchmark, even though ironically (and as was described to me), in France, this is the benchmark for climbers, they all aspire to have perfect technique and cruise up the latest hard route. But ironically, you will get the utmost respect for fighting, almost falling off every hold and looking like you're going hurl when you get to the chains. go figure! :)

Anyway, battery on laptop is about to go so I'll have to finish this off another time but I'll hopefully get to elaborate more in the coming weeks...... Give me some ideas about where I can go with this, I've some ideas but all ideas welcome :)

Ceuse - semi-final update

Ceuse - boo to all tick marks!