Nige’s old training wall back in Limerick before he vacated to the UK

......Is seeing Nigel Callender’s name at the top of the score sheet for the British Bouldering Championships! Seriously, the level of training and dedication to get to this point is phenomenal, talk about inspiring.

I’m only really getting an idea of what people can really do for training since moving to Sheffield. At one point while in Ireland, I was training six days a week, and on many days doing double sessions. I was doing it because I had a purpose (pushing my grade on sports climbing) and it felt right at the time. But I thought I might be over-doing the amount of training, that people didn’t really do this much to get to the higher levels. How wrong I was! When i see how ridiculously strong people are over here, I now understand I was on the right track. It’s all about dedication. It’s not a case of 10 hours of training a day, but a couple of hours per day (and this includes just getting on rock, not on an indoor wall or board) will pay off massive dividends in time. Now that the course is finished, I might be able to have a bit of a life next year so I’ll see where I can go. In the meantime, roll on Ceuse rock.

I don’t exactly know what Nigel is doing, but he’s obviously applying himself in the right way for gains. Keep it up. Legend!

Ceuse :)

Chee Dale