Chee Dale


I’m actually getting time to get out to more of the crags around Sheffield now that I actually have some time to myself now - the joys of finishing a crazy course. I’ve had a few visits to Chee Dale and come away really impressed! It’s fun climbing, as usual involving lots of tricky movement due to the nature of the UK rock. Nothing too much of excitement to report, onsighted a few things up into the low 7’s, and had a go on one of the 7c’s, Chimes of Freedom. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, I had a quick go working the moves, rested for 15 minutes and fell off the last crux move on my only attempt on it. Should have sent it first go but it’s nice to see I don’t need much rest between attempts at this level again. It’s all hopefully starting to click.

Naomi has been going well also, ticked two 7a’s in a day last week. She’d been on both a couple of days previously, but both went in succession that day with a 4-5 attempts required for each. Hopefully she can have a good summer in Ceuse too!

On that note, if anyone is going to be out in Ceuse this summer, make sure to let me know - I’ll be there from end of this week until mid August.......psyche!!!!!!!


Sign of a sports climbing rack - tons of shoes, an Eddy and quickdraws :)


Dinbren and LPT - a case of lots of 'almost sends'