The buzz

Pierre put a great post on this recently about the Irish climbing scene, there is a seriously cool buzz about the place right now! Dave’s cave was just another stepping stone for many people, a new venue. But it’s not just any new venue, it’s also one with steep powerful bouldering and it can only give another option to the gang back home. Not to mention all the climbers who are having a great year so far - Pierre’s post didn’t even scratch the surface of this. Individual’s returning home with new perceptions (from the States and the UK) can only enhance what people are doing.
And like Pierre, while I’m more than psyched for the amount of rock I have nearby right now, it’s brilliant to see the scene continue to develop back home. Go go go!

My first glance around the cave two weeks ago on a visit home - a bit gloomy but hard to believe there’s a city in the mist! Super inspiring to see Dave and Carolne did the first ascents without bouldering mats - it’s easy to get cosy these days with pads always around. I know I realized I’m not comfortable bouldering without one anymore - surprising.

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