Average grade of logbooks on UKC

[Update 23/6/10: Steve McG rightly pointed out in the comments that this is the 'Top Ascents Page', there is another page for 'lastest ascents'. My bad, but still interesting to see what data can be taken from all these ascents. I'm sure 8a.nu has some amazing data stockpiled so I'm sure UKC are just doing the same thing].

A boring post - I was just looking up the latest climbing news and noticed that UKclimbing.com has now added a latests ascent page and one thing stood out to me as I looked at it. Now, of course, this is just a snapshot, taken at a single point but do you see the average grade showing up?

What can I say, I like statistics :) Still though, now that all these websites are taking in huge numbers of ascents, what does the average grade work out according to their data? you could probably bet that the people who are recording their ascents are the most psyched, so it would be interesting to see......

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