Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared. - Eddie Rickenbacker
As usual no photos - too busy climbing!

What a weekend - Dave & Caroline, legends. Sean, Kev, Trish, you're up there too. I've handed my final assignment in, praying it's up to scratch, and can now focus a small bit more on having a life. Not a full one, just yet, I've still got a few more weeks to make it through, and some official ticks to sort out along the way, but I'm close.

So, to help this along the way, I bailed over to visit Dave in Wales for a couple of days cragging at Dinbren. The experience has proved that I've the physical strength of a low-8 sports climber, and the stamina of a mid-7 one :) An imbalance that I'll work on restoring in the coming months. to be honest, I'm just chuffed that I haven't lost the edge on lots of things, partly cause it seems like a lot of work to have to deal with getting strong AND fit again :)

Anyway, part of the stamina thing was just from the sheer number of routes. Saturday involved arriving to the crag about 12-ish, then a 6b, 7a+ x 3 (one with a fall), working the moves on an 8a+ (two-move wonder, but two very hard moves!), two goes on a 7c (sustained pumpiness, I didn't have fitness for them), and finishing off with working a super-technical 8a+ (insanely technical, completely blew me away). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, finishing with a hilarious attempt at a 7b(+?) - my arms gave up on almost every hold on the route, I was wasted. It was one of those days, I'm overwhelmed with movement, beautiful movement. Yes, the routes are short, but so technical so much fun, it's like physical ballerina dancing - tons of foot movements to go nowhere, all the while hanging off small edges. No wonder Dave and Caroline are climbing so well, this place MAKES you get stronger and technically better.
So all in all a good day.
Sunday involved a 6b, 6b+, a quick work of the final 7b+ (felt much easier with some rest, but still stuffed it up), and two goes working an 8a which for a change was fine except for one single little section at the beginning. Granted this one little section involves about 10 foot moves to actually move up 10 inches but I could see it going with some more practice.

As for everyone else, well they can write up their own great sends - suffice to say, everyone is climbing strong - ticking serious levels and the Irish climbing scene is in great shape right now! It's Monday, my forearms actually feel great, but I think that they're in denial :) My back and upper arms agree with me. Hope everyone had a super-cool weekend, positive vibes to all!

p.s. can you tell I've handed in assignments from my writing? I know I can, no moody dark posts like the previous one :)

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