Roll on the weekends....

......because I'm too busy and tired to consider much stuff on weekdays right now :) Yeah, work is busy and I have to prioritise for a while. perhaps my car being killed was a sign from the Climbing Gods for me to focus on getting some assignment work done for a while. I want to agree, but do you think they could have kept it raining so it wasn't so hard?! ;) o.k., joking, as I know loads of people are out and about climbing so it's great to hear and see about that. Still rather it was me though :)

Am I doing anything? Well of course, I'm trying to tick over. So a few hundred sit-ups, leg raises, supermans, tricep dips (less than a hundred of them :) in 45 minutes batches, and an hour on the fingerboard three nights a week to keep me topped up - my core will have big improvements by the summer but fingers aren't going to see any (if not a degradation). I've still got a tweaked finger so can't crimp on one hand, but as trying some routes at Raven Tor, the only holds that I need to crimp seem to be for my left so I can survive. Yes, I'm crimping one-handed. Go figure! It's amazing how weak I am in a crimp-position - blown away by the difference. I'm starting to see some changes but it's taken many many months for it to happen. Who cares, it's all minor, real rock is where it's at right now and the sun is blazing so why are you reading this blog?!!? get out and climb!!!!!!!

How am I staying positive for the summer?! podcasts from the Dirtbag Diaries, podcasts from The Season, video posts from TheNorthFace team in Turkey, some news articles from various websites, and generally getting outdoors for walks as much as possible (the most important part). Oh yeah, and Dave MacLeod has some great posts about how to improve/enjoy your climbing - the short answer? stop waiting to be told how to get better and keep doing stuff. Anything is better than nothing!

positive vibes to all :)

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