It's easy to forget that it's not all about indoors....

Nope, they're not mine. Naomi's hands show the wear and tear of the work she's putting in - yes that is a whole pad torn.....

[Update: yes, as some noticed, I had a moment and incorrectly wrote the title. Give me credit, it was 3am :) ] I'm stuck doing so much of it right now. But it's all for a reason. Real. Rock.
Dave is showing the way this year, training and climbing really well and it's super inspiring this year, especially as every time I think my hours are going more normal, I'm slogging into the dark hours on something or other to do with work (see time of this post as an example......). Still though, everything has it's benefits so it's a case of putting in the hours now so that it pays off in the long run. I had that exact discussion with some pupils today - they're all sick and tired of school, but I remembered that (way back then) my dreams were to travel, and by college go climbing loads, and to do so I needed jobs for cash. They just have to keep the head down now and keep slogging away.
I'm doing the slogging myself right now - both in work and sport. It's an ongoing battle to try and pick off problems at the Foundry, big shoulders are the name of the game here. But the gains are starting to show with some sends right when I want them. After all the slogging. As the summer arrives. And limestone comes into play. Psyche.

Inspiration of the day: Watching Steve McC walk up most of the problems tonight like he was walking. Jeebus.
Insight of the day: I take a long time to warm up for serious-power-problems. Don't rush!

Training update: Since Dave updated what he's doing for the one-armers, my current focus continues on crimps - I've realized how much of an off-set in strength there is. Can hang a 2-finger pocket one-arm but not even close with a 4-finger crimp. So, it's steady steady steady with off-set hangs (at different angles) like Dave, about two nights a week (on top of bouldering two nights currently, excluding weekends).
On top of that, it's projecting the hardest problems at the wall, and doing all the previous problems features only. Not sure which is harder!

Video distractions for a Friday....

Non-climbers and climbers, a good documentary on The Man and his motivations. Online junkies will have already seen this, it got it's push across all the major websites today.....

And for the folk thinking strong, an oldie from the CATS climbing site - a V12 being campused:

La Sportiva Campus from James O'Connor on Vimeo.

Why do I blog, and statistics about this one :)

The Archway reset and some REAL rock - Glenmacnass