CWIF2010 - the positive refresh

Well, yesterday was the disaster review - today is the find-the-positive-review :)
Firstly, technically, I see problems immediately how they are meant to be done which is huge - something that transfers really well for real rock progress. Secondly, my static crimp strength is solid but when it comes to dynamic moves, I'm a ship lost at sea - I just couldn't pull or throw moves. This was a fascinating visible lesson, something which I used to be excellent at. So that's a learning experience of what I need to do more of (I was starting to realize this in many ways a few weeks ago by the lack of campus power and this is a direct correlation). Thirdly, the obvious one is that if you're not rested, you suck. I was worn out from work and what turned out to be illness (easy to realize now after two days off from flu!) so a good reminder that if you're not fresh, you don't go well either!
All positive learning experiences though, and it'll be a good reminder in the forthcoming weeks as I continue to work and adjust to this crazy new career I have right now - perhaps I'm going to have to be smart about my training more and really prioritize what I'm training - I just can't sustain lots of hours at the wall so I might have to consider pure power and interval work. The sessions are short from this, and I'll be able to fit in really focused training!

In between all that, Siurana is canceled (fecking Ryanair!) but we'll be making a tour of Portland instead for the Easter break - bring it on, hopefully I'll be able to perform a bit better on real rock! psyche!!!!! :)


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