Weekend bouldering at Burbage

Gareth on Blind Fig, f7c. Yes that white stuff in the background is what you think...

Dave wrote up a great post about his own adventures yesterday but since it's 11pm on Sunday evening and I want to get up and do some fingerboarding before work tomorrow morning, I'll keep this short.
Very short.

Gareth on some random problem.

1. checked out venue number one, soaking wet, with Gareth and Robin.
2. headed in general direction of Burbage, Plantations area. Through a monster rain shower.
3. Decided to have a look at Burbage for the hell of it. Looked do-able.
4. Survived the cold wind, and the snow(?!?!?) for a fun afternoon getting my ass kicked on gritstone slopers. Wonderful being humbled every once in a while!
5. Realized it sucks not having the cash for a down jacket, it sucks even more when you realize you forgot all your thermals, and sucks even more(!!!!) after you forget to bring any food and have an unintentional diet day. Oops.
6. Remember that whatever about getting better/faster/stronger (which is a pretty big reason nowadays), doing whatever activity you love doing is as much about WHO you do it also. Ace!

Have a good week all, got my serious training head on now until the Easter hols......I'll update about the week in Turkey early this week.

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