Team Ireland in Sheffield

Pierre wrote up a bit on this already so I won't ramble on only to say how ridiculously psyched they all were! Dave McLeod even compliments this in his own blog post last night where he recognizes that while the Irish scene is 'relatively isolated from the wider climbing spectrum' but that the climbers are 'some of the most hardcore lovers of outdoor, remote adventure climbing around, certainly in the UK.' I'd go with that - some of the people are stupidly motivated back home which is always an inspiration for me to keep going myself!

Now, on that note, I'm off to finish the days work so I can get to the wall - training session awaits before back to assignment work. Have to work out somehow where Al gets his energy and strength from ;)

Slick new promo movie, a new album from Gil Scott-Heron and some trippy Alice in Wonderland

Getting strong