Getting strong

I can't even remember where I saw the article above, (obviously a climbing mag!), but it pretty much says it all - no strong fingers, means no strong routes. It's a no-brainer but I forget it once in a while. I'm more of an endurance sports person so always get sucked into doing routes - lots of routes. But I keep hitting invisible barriers, and more often than not, it's cause I don't have the strength/power.
Yeah, my fingers are relatively strong, but can I hang one-armed from a crimp - barely as it turns out. A 2-finger pocket - used to be, not so easily anymore?
The strongest people can (and more - this guy doesn't look like a climber!).
Of course it's not all in the fingers, don't forget about those upper arms and shoulders, that core that keeps your whole body working together, and some good technique - proper bouldering will help with that :) But if you can't grip the holds like you want to pull them off the wall, you aren't going anywhere..... And on that note, back to the board :)

People's thoughts?

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