we came, we saw, we climbed - Fontainebleau

the beauty of Font problems. Learning how to move off holds like the one above. Sorry, forgotten name of climber

The title describes it best. I'm just back from a week in Font. Short descriptions will suffice for it all:
- social: (lots of Irish and loads of my new Sheffield gang around). Awesome! The photo below shows about a third of the group.

- positive: I got the all-clear from the physio only the week before about my wrist (which I alluded to here and have had since Indian Creek, early June). Didn't need any ibuprofen as recommended by the physio too, sweeeeeet :)
- pysche!: watching some of the Sheffield gritstone climbers hang off things that I didn't even realize were holds (see top-most photo as a mild example). Took me over an hour to do the same problem, some of these guys were doing it as a warm-up. Lesson learned? I can hang off the smallest edge, but have a lot to learn with slopers.
- circuits: related to the wrist. I was told to start slow, so multiple easier problems seemed the order of the day. The Font circuits were ideal and the perfect intro. 30+ problems per day seemed like an ideal intro for the first few days. Thanks to Judith for that one.
- chatting: sitting down every evening and chatting about random life with a bunch of close friends. Especially thanks to Dave, Caroline, Judith and Tim for that one in our gite!

And finally, did I mention The Mighty Boosh? Dave, I'll leave you to elaborate on that one ;)

Bodes well for the winter months now too. Dave is showing tons of motivation for a winter of bouldering so that we can transfer it all onto routes next Spring. Bring on the punishing training schedule for the forthcoming months! Psyche!

The beauty of Font: learning to stand, and move, between holds when it's all down to the subtleties of movement and friction

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