Climbing videos to keep you entertained

Update: 18/11/09: modified some text and re-linked a video after a mix-up.

Some mid-week entertainment for you all - but you might want to give up some time to go through these, this is a compilation :) Note, this was written up in an evening, not during work time so you can be glad that I'm actually in work as this is published.

Via, check out the Mammut comp in Salt Lake City. For an idea of just how strong you could possibly ever get, watch the last few minutes of the Men's Final....

Excellent Women's Final also:

A really good interview with the infamous Chris Sharma (from when he visited Sweden), interviewer isn't great but he is just a volunteer climber so does pretty well (from ClimbingNarc again). As always, great insights from the top of climbing, if only most top-end sports stars were as grounded. And amusing to note that he didn't climb for two months while building his house, and still came 3rd in the World Cup comp :)
Interview 1:

Interview 2:

Interview 3:

Setting your own problems on an indoor wall and need psyche/ideas for pushing yourself? check CATSclimbing, one of the new bouldering walls in Boulder, Colorado. Video footage of their problems on the wall up to V14 (and yes, one of the non super-heroes repeating them).

Organic from James O'Connor on Vimeo.

For a chillout, courtesy of Joe Kinder's blog:

Climbing, Natalija Gros - Le Tango Vertical from Film IT on Vimeo.

Chris Doyle, a UK-based climber has been putting out some great movies. The first and now well-known (after UKclimbing linked to it, it now has supposedly had over 26,000 views) is of Rich Simpson training for the even more famous Action Directe (9a) in the Franenjura, aptly called Obsession. Lesson from all this: if you dedicate to anything, it pays off!

Obsession from Chris Doyle on Vimeo.

and his other footage from Cresciano (warning, each is 30 minutes long and much of it is worth watching). The other young UK star, Tyler Landman, appears regularly to tick off most of the problems on his first go. Stronnnggggggg:
Part 1:

The Power and The Glory Part 1 from Chris Doyle on Vimeo.

And Part 2:

The Power and the Glory Part2 from Chris Doyle on Vimeo.


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